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The Accessi+ User Guide

Accessi+ allows you to configure the display and behavior of the website pages you visit.

Shortcut Buttons
"Screen Reader" Button
Verbally renders all on-screen content based on the selected choice.


"Reset" Button
Restores the site to its initial state, removing all settings made in Accessi+.


Quick Filters

Visual Comfort


Visual Fatigue
Pauses animations, enlarges text, changes fonts, and increases color contrast.


Night Mode
Darkens the background and lightens the text.



Enlarges text, changes fonts, enlarges clickable areas, and makes them easier to identify.

AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration)
Enlarges text by 180%.


Low Vision
Darkens the background and lightens the text, changes fonts, enlarges text, and pauses animated content.


Enlarges text, darkens the background, and lightens the text.


Accessibility Enhancements


Screen Reader
Reads the selected content.


Effortless Navigation
Highlights links and activates navigation buttons.


Enhance Reading
Enlarges text and activates the ruler.


Improve Readability
Enlarges text, lightens the background, and darkens the text.


Neurological Conditions


Switches to the Open Dyslexic font, removes italics from the page, provides a letter highlighter for reading assistance.


Photosensitive Epilepsy
Pauses animations.


Enlarges text, darkens the background, and lightens the text.


Enlarges clickable areas.

Visual Impairment
Enlarges text by 180%, darkens the background, and lightens the text.


Inaccurate Movements
Enlarges clickable areas and extends them.

Wilson's Disease
Zooms and spaces clickable areas, enlarges content by 120%.


Enlarges clickable areas and extends them.


Color Vision Deficiency


Red-Green Color Blindness
Removes red and green hues and increases the contrast of the remaining colors.


Blue Color Blindness
Removes blue and yellow hues and increases the contrast of the remaining colors.

Monochromatic Color Blindness
Removes all colors shades and increases contrast against the background.


Full Filters


Font Settings
Font Size
Increases the site's text size.

Changes the font defined by the website to improve reading comfort, such as "Arial" or "Open Dyslexic."


Text Style
Modifies text display based on your preferences, including capitalizing the first letter of each word, using all lowercase or all uppercase text.

Reading Guide Settings

Mask Opacity
Displays a reading aid ruler with varying transparency to focus on the text you're reading.

Reading Mask Settings
Displays a vertical or horizontal reading aid ruler.


Reading Assistance
Line Spacing

Increases line spacing for easier reading.

Word Spacing
Increases space between each word in text.

Other Settings
Left-Aligned Text

Disables text justification that often disrupts reading and aligns text to the left.

List Element Numbering
Displays a numeric index at the beginning of all list items.


Customizes foreground (font color) and background color as per your preferences. You can use a suggested color combination or refine the setting by selecting "custom color combination." To revert to your browser's original colors, you can disable this option by clicking the Color icon in the quick access bar or unchecking the checkbox in the Colors tab.

Automatically Go to Content

Positions you directly on the main page content, skipping all navigation links. This command works only if the page's webmaster has clearly indicated in the code where the main content is located; otherwise, it won't function.

Navigate by Pointing
Displays an on-page remote control with up/down arrows. You can scroll through the page by simply hovering your mouse over the arrows (without clicking). When you reach an element you want to activate, leave your mouse on it for a certain time (a delay you can also adjust).

Advanced Settings
Undo Layout

Replaces the site's fonts with your default fonts (those set in your browser) and presents all page text in a single column, linearly.

Disable Transparency Effects
Disables any transparency effects on the page, such as grayed-out veils that can sometimes cover non-interactive buttons at a given moment and disrupt content reading.

Disable Background Images
Removes background images that can disrupt content reading, leaving only essential foreground information.

Disable Foreground Images
Removes images within the page that can sometimes hinder reading. These are replaced with their textual alternatives, and a link allows you to view the image upon request.

Disable Animated Images
Disables animated images that can disrupt content reading, leaving only essential information.

Stop Videos
Pauses videos that are playing or automatically start when navigating the web page.

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