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The Accessi+ tool

Accessi+: A Solution to Enhance Comfort for All and Promote Accessible Websites!


This service offers multiple options to tailor websites to your needs. Whether you have visual impairments, experience fatigue, struggle with word recognition due to dyslexia, encounter difficulties using a mouse, or simply don't know how to configure your computer, Accessi+ provides solutions either through a quick filter based on the detected issue or a comprehensive filter that allows customization according to your preferences

Accessi+ widget representation

Who Is the Accessi+ Service For?


The service provides significant assistance to users with motor, visual, or cognitive disabilities and enhances the user experience for everyone.


Our user-centered design approach has resulted in a clear and user-friendly interface. The settings have been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users without impacting performance.


This service is based on a fundamental principle: one cannot categorize a user's preferences toward a website simply based on predefined typologies, whether the user has a disability or not. Therefore, the service offers flexibility in customizing settings, allowing users to choose the adjustments that suit them best.


To enhance the user experience and make it user-friendly, the Accessi+ assistance tool provides real-time visualization of settings. Thus, users can quickly find and apply optimal settings to meet their needs. Currently, the service is available in French, English, and Romanian. The default display language is that of the visited website and can be personalized.


The service ensures the preservation of informative content; all information on the web page remains accessible when the service is enabled.


The Accessi+ assistance tool interface is available with both light and dark themes, customizable from the 'Settings' tab.


The Accessi+ service can be installed and used on all websites after personalized deployment. However, it does not make a website accessible; all websites must adhere to WCAG 2.1 or EN 301 549 (or newer versions) accessibility guidelines. All features are only available on a fully compliant website.


Prior to offering the Accessi+ tool, we are capable of auditing the digital accessibility of any website.

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