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Design digital solutions that align with your company's sustainable goals.

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Unlock the potential of technology for a better future

As the world becomes more aware of environmental, social and ethical concerns, companies are facing increasing pressure to align their practices with regulations that support these values and ensure inclusivity. We are here to make sure you will stay ahead of the curve and ensure your business is ready to meet and exceed these growing demands.


What we offer

Negebu specializes in creating tailor-made digital solutions for organizations worldwide. Our team of mission-driven professionals, with expertise in four key areas, will assist you in developing a responsible digital strategy.


Whether you're looking to improve your web accessibility, align with the ESG frameworks, reduce your environmental impact or develop innovative solutions, with our specialized knowledge and hands-on experience, we can support you in accomplishing your objectives.

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Web Accessibility Audits

We assist your company in ensuring that your websites are fully accessible to all users, in compliance with the latest web accessibility guidelines and standards.

Green Bettery

Software Sustainability

Our assessnents covers a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues, including energy consumption, carbon footprint, waste management, and water usage.

3 Programmers


Transform innovative ideas into sustainable solutions with our expert support. From development to launch, we guide you to create lasting impact in the market.


and Reporting

Make sure you achieve your sustainability goals. Our consultans will give you the support neddeed to build a business that is good for the planet. 

Why are these audits important for your organisation?

Web Accesibility Audit

Creating inclusive internet access is crucial for 20% of the world's population, as the internet is one of the most vital innovations of our time. Ensuring inclusivity on the internet is a significant step towards a society that values and includes all individuals, regardless of abilities.

Eco-Design Audit

Digital services are responsible for 4% of the global environmental footprint and this number continues to grow. It is imperative to decrease this impact. Negebu can assist you in the sustainable design of your digital services through an assessment of your solutions and the implementation of eco-friendly practices during development.

Following each assessment, we provide a compliance report with a score and suggestions for improvement.

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What our clients say

“We initially engaged Negebu for an audit, and thanks to their commitment and expertise, our collaboration evolved into something much more comprehensive. We highly appreciate their professionalism and dedication.”

Nicoleta C,

Nicoleta Portrait Picture from Amarena
“Negebu team helped us ensure that our website is fully accessible to our clients and compliant with regulations. The entire audit process was smooth and effortless, and it enhanced our accessibility and reputation.”

Alex M,


Alex Portrait Picture from MetalCorp
“As sustainability becomes increasingly important, many organizations lack a dedicated role for it. These companies require a solution and Negebu is well-equipped to provide assistance in these areas.”

Ana V,


Ana Portrait Picture from Adoredesign
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